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Some of my favourites.

One Starry Brisbane Night

A time lapse of the night sky over Brisbane. Despite the light dome, the Pleiades star cluster is seen and Mars also makes an appearance.

Starry Rainbows over Brisbane

This time lapse occurs during a conjunction between Venus and the Pleiades. The star colours have been boosted using vibrance and saturation.

A train of over 50 satellites pass the moon over Brisbane.

Carina Nebula

Carina Nebula

The Keyhole Nebula

The Keyhole Nebula

The Tarantula Nebula

Tarantula Nebula

Pleiades Star Cluster



Here are some astrophotography tools I wrote that you might find useful.

FITS Scrubber

Upload a linear (unstretched) FITS image in a web browser and it will perform an automatic stretch and more!

FITS Scrubber Carina Nebula

The astronomy web’s best kept secret. The first online PixInsight as a service that does a basic post-processing workflow. Want to see what all the fuss is about with PixInsight, BlurXT or NoiseXT online before buying? The FITS Scrubber will reveal the magic!

Some interesting FITS Scrubbers based on usage logs:

  • DoD Network Information Center.
  • NASA IR telescope facility in Hawaiii (SpeX data).
  • NOAA (SUVI telescope).
  • UK Atomic Agency.

My Astronomy Picture of the Moment

Can’t get your own NASA APOD? Make your own with a simple one page site.


Download the free source code on

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Dennis Mellican

Hi, my name is Dennis Mellican. I am based in Brisbane, Australia. During the day I am an IT professional and at night I am looking through a telescope.

Since 2022, I have gained an interest in astronomy and the hobby has become a passion.