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Here are a few of my favourites. I strive to set my captures apart through creative approaches and challenges.

Brisbane City Meteor

Brisbane City Meteor 9:57pm 14 March, 2024. A fireball appears over the city of Brisbane.

Brisbane City Starlink 5:05am 20 April, 2024. Starlink G6-52 chain of 23 satellites parade across the Brisbane city skyline.

Camping under the Milky Way

Camping under Milky Way Campers at Foxbar Falls nestled beside a tranquil mist-kissed billabong, under the enchanting canopy of the Milky Way.

Goat Rock

Goat Rock At Goat Rock, situated near Texas along the QLD and NSW border, the lichen covering these colossal granite boulders illuminates under a UV torch. Against the backdrop of the dark sky, those seemingly ordinary clouds are, in fact, galaxies visible exclusively in the Southern Hemisphere—the Large and Small Magellanic Clouds.

A Planetary Oydessy

A Planetary Oydessy

Mineral Super Moon

Mineral Super Moon My secret to moon photography is to take 4K60 video and stack the frames.

The Deep Sky Moon

Moon in the Milky Way 21 September 2023: the moon made its way across the Rho Ophiuchi Cloud Complex and on Saturday 23 November, it was in the vicinity of the Milky Way core with the Lagoon & Trifid nebulas (seen in purple hues) nearby. These images are a combination of two distinct shots: the moon and the background targets, both taken with a Sigma 105mm lens affixed to a Sony A7IV camera. These composites serves as a vivid illustration of the noticeable contrast in size between the moon and each target, as seen from our vantage point in South East Queensland.

A train of over 50 satellites pass the moon over Brisbane.

Carina Nebula

Carina Nebula

The Keyhole Nebula

The Keyhole Nebula

The Tarantula Nebula

Tarantula Nebula

Sun’s Chromosphere


Rho Ophuichi

Rho Ophuichi


An alluring approach to astrophotography, this style seamlessly blends Deep Space Objects with Nightscapes. It vividly depicts the striking contrast between the Deep Space Object and the surrounding environment, offering a perspective from our vantage point on Earth.

Explore further in my Deepscapes article delving into this realm of Astrophotography.

Happy Campers and Rho If people sat outside and looked at the stars each night, I’ll bet they lived a lot differently - Calvin & Hobbes.

Rho Ophiuchi Triptych The Bokeh Master meets Rho Ophiuchi


Here are some astrophotography tools I wrote that you might find useful.

My Astronomy Picture of the Moment

Can’t get your own NASA APOD? Make your own with a simple one page site.


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Dennis Mellican

Hi, my name is Dennis Mellican. I am based in Brisbane, Australia. During the day I am an IT Cloud Specialist and after hours I tend to avoid clouds, preferring a clear night sky to observe the universe.

Since 2022, I have gained an interest in astronomy and the hobby has become a passion. I’ve been standing on the shoulders of giants, learning the science and the craft. My contributions are a way of giving back to the community.