FITS Scrubber FAQ

What is FITS Scrubber?

FITS Scrubber performs basic post-processing steps on a FITS file. The original use case was to preview a single (raw & unstretched) sub before setting off an imaging plan.

Can you show some before and after examples?

Here are some submissions:

Contact Dennis, if you feel your submission has had a dramatic improvement and I'll add it to this list with credit.

Any plans on making this a Windows application?

If you mean an offline or local version for say a Windows PC, the simple answer is no. This tool is web based and therefore platform agnostic.

Can you explain the options?

  • StarRemoval: Produces a star less image.
  • Green tint removal: Removes the green tint from an image which is common in colour cameras.
  • Colour palettes: RGB, SHO or HOO. This manipulates the colour channels for a particular colour theme.

The result seems over exposed.

FITS Scrubber does not clip any data and should be treated as just another tool in the bag. Take the quality TIF result into your favourite editor and perform additional editing to suit your requirements. I recommend not making your image "too black". It could be interpreted as concealing bad data or blemishes. Another thing to watch out for, is to ensure you only upload a linear (unstretched) FITS file. Otherwise, the result will effectively be a double stretch.

Can I contact you for help or feedback?

Sure, I am approachable and will do my best to respond. My email is [email protected].

I'd like to donate

No obligations are necessary. You don't even have to smash any like or subscribe button. I make no money from this. For me, I stood on giants learning this craft and this is a way of giving back to the community.

If you still want to show your appreciation, a donation for a coffee or beer is suffice:

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